Annyeonghaseyo!! If you’re here, you probably know me by my show moniker, Nick Ha Ha Ha. A self-proclaimed amateur comedian, funny is definitely part of my name. American by way of Korea, call me a proud AAPI, adoptee, and overall goof off. Witty humor with a lot of SAT words…I got it covered. Engineer by trade. Outdoorsy by choice. Sarcastic by default.

Trivia About Nick

  • When I say I have a load of ridiculous, useless trivia type knowledge, I really mean it.

  • My hair is my most prized physical attribute.

  • I change my own oil.

  • Apparently my English has a Great Lakes accent. Someone please verify.

  • I can do as many pull ups as my age in years (on some days).

Nick's Favorite Websites

The Janchi Show | The Janchi Show is a weekly podcast hosted by three Korean American adoptees. The episodes dive into aspects of the Korean adoptee experience and explore Korean culture.

Everyday Math for Everyday People | The official, personal webpage of our esteemed cohost, Prof. Seung Chan. The site contains information and resources about mathematics education, Korean culture, and Korean adoptees.

The Universal Asian | A monthly online publication that highlights and celebrates the uniqueness and diversity within the greater Asian diaspora. Literature includes interview conversations, elevation of accomplishments by Asian individuals, and more.

Hoyt | The official bow supplier of choice of cohost, Nick Ha Ha Ha. Among a wide network of endorsed individuals, Hoyt’s prostaff includes several professional archers representing Korea’s national team.

Buffalo Marathon | The favorite race of cohost, Nick Ha Ha Ha. This was an annual endeavor prior to Covid and will hopefully be back on the agenda for 2022.

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KakaoID: Nick Capicotto